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Natural Resources and Energy for future

Natural Resources and Energy for future

We will discuss the latest public and corporate policies for the management of natural resources. In addition we will make a special mention about what is being developed in terms of energy policies in Europe and the whole world


Asa Borssén
Co-founder and host of Highgrade Media. Highgrade is an interview series with leading thinkers on issues of natural resources and development. She is an experienced extractives policy analyst with a J.D. in International Law and a Master’s in International Affairs.

Miguel Castañeda
CEO and Founder of SWC-2050, a research center in sustainability; and the leader of Catalyst Sustainability Graduate School. He is an experienced professional in natural resources, energy transition and global research in sustainability with a master in Social and Political Management and a master in Business Research.  


Lola Berna
Leader of the Relationship with the professors of Catalyst Sustainability Graduate School